Saturday, July 30, 2005

...And I'm Back

I'm aware that I have been quiet the last week or so, but it's been rough dragging myself from the couch to the computer during the week of hell. I've been working on some houses all within the same general area for the same general contractor. Each house has it's own particular quirk that has made my life more difficult, and most of it stems from the inability of said G.C. to get his shjit together. I've also lost my partner in pro-style Josh Da Kid, who has decided he's had enough of this purgatory and is moving on up to hell, New Jersey. Da Kid also happens to be my best and basically only friend down here,(he's originally from New England so we've always seen eye to eye on most things except that he prefers Natural Light to most any beer, until I steered him to the wonders of Yuengling), so I got that going on. The new helper isn't much of a help just yet, so I got that going on. Forget it, it's over and done with, it's Saturday and I'm grilling chicken, and tomorrow I'm hitting Sanibel Island for some all day decompression on the beach thanks to Susan, who works as night manager at an inn out there-sweet set up. She's hoioking up slow-cooked short ribs tomorrow, fan-fuckin-tastic!

Just a few notes to get back on track here. I realize the north has been hit with some heat lately, but I choose to sympathize with you all rather than call you pussies. And as for the Bastard (A.K.A. They killed Kenny-you bastard!!), I would never look down upon him for skipping the walk to the subway, it's a hike, and I know how he sweats, cause I leak like that too. However, the bastard (A.K.A. The O.B., Original Bastard) takes sweating to another level, probably because of his love of liquids. He is also know as "the sponge" and "king of all beverage". So, he gets a pass when he has to take four extra shirts with him to make it through a day without looking like he didn't swim to work.

But what I really wanted to discuss is that I've taken another stab at quiting smoking. I believe the last time I gave it a whirl I was still with Melissa. We both decided to stop and both went three days before seperately grubbing a cigarette. That night, after admitting our transgression to each other, we decided to share a pack, this way niether one of us would smoke as much, and we could cut down and eventually go cold turkey for good. The rest is history, we had a drink last Christmas when were both in NYC, (she's in the Ooh La La La currently)and we both lit up almost relieved that the other was still smoking. So, I'm making another run. I haven't spent a day without one yet, but I haven't smoked more than six in a day, which is down from a pack a day. I know what you're going to say, that doesn't work, well, I'm not some run of the mill smoker. You see I love to smoke, I've been smoking before Joe Camel (phallis symbol and all) even existed. There was no such thing as Camel cash, and I was never into the cowboy thing so the Marlboro man. Point is, I don't blame cigarette companies for my habit like so many others have. I blame one simple an undenialble fact:smoking is cool. Yes, its cool as fuck and not one single solitary soul out there can tell me different. I had a friend Rik, who I worked with at the record store in Long Island years ago who said that he could not imagine me in any other way then seeing me walk across the parking lot with a cup of coffe in my hand a scarf around my neck and a cigarette in the other. He would go on by saying that he would see that image and know all was right in the world at that moment. Some people were born to smoke, it looks natural, and I'll tell you that for m it feels natural, always has, always will. I've smoke through a battle with luekemia and fell off the wagon after an aortic disection and I'm still standing-with a cigarette in my hand. Some people can just quit, and that's the way it is but it is my belief that those people took up smoking not because they enjoy it but because they thought it would make them cool. And if you don't enjoy sometyhing its easy to give it up. For me I love every little bit of the ritual, and its difficult to give up anything that you love. But I'm cutting down right now, with the hopes that I can eventually end the affair. How I'm going about it isn't any different that getting the nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum except I'm still breathing in smoke, but I've always considered the nicotine more dangerous than the smoke itself. Baby steps, my people, baby steps. I'll keep you posted.

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bigbromofo said...

welcome to construction mofo!!!

Somebody should be writing the delay letters and / or lost time issues so you can recoup U D's money.

When was smoking cool? Pop coughed his fucking lungs out very morning until he had the heart attack and now is hooked on wrigleys gum. You have had leukemia and a near fatal John Ritter gasket malfunction. Why don't you just quit? Jeez us K - Rist your skin will get tan from the sun don't let the cigarettes do it for you. If you want to leave just connect both hands to phase A and ground. Black and green for the tape only wire guys.

The girls say hello. They saw a picture of winkle t and wanted to know when you were going to see them. I told them and little guy that you were slaving away in a non union shop in the bowels of the swamp and may be up for Turkey day. I then had to explain what a union was and so on....very complicated for 4 1/2 years old but never too young to learn.

Big Bro Mofo

bastard central said...

i see the elder is once again getting his union thug on.

i understand the mofo's perspective on the whole smoking thing but on the other hand, you have been warned twice by the fates shiteyes


bigbromofo said...

hey watch the terminology.

i didnt put any pro union flyers in the blog yet. besides, i did not know you guys do not like a 40 hour week and paid vacation / sick days. we can easily lose those bennies if the texas two step has his way down in stuck - in - my - crawford.

Big Bro Mofo

bastard central said...

unions need to evolve. quite like roe v wade not being overturned, we will not lose the 40 hour work week. the teamsters are leaving the AFL/CIO because they want the cash to go towards membership, not politics. SEIU is leaving because of the same (allthough i think, they are planning on starting their own little communist army). we will not lose the bennies. we don't live in the 1900's anymore. there are too many lawyers to keep us from them. unions need to evolve to the next level, not duke it out for more vacation under the guise of scaring me that a bunch of people from new delhi can produce a hunting magazine or a fashion magazine. outsourcing is down in this country so that myth is well on it's way towards being busted. the most outsourced jobs were in the IT field and uncle dooboo still works for theh peoples republic of islandia. last i looked, there was no IT guys union. so much for evolution, when's my next coffee break, it's my god given right as a union guy.

—bomb throwing