Saturday, July 30, 2005

...on lenin and road trips

so, we're going on a road trip, we're going on a road trip. starting monday, the nice lady and the lowe and i are cramming into the scout and taking the mother in law's stuff to tucson. this has been a long time coming becaus ethe mom in law has wanted to leave our fair city for quite some time. we'll be taking the scout which for those of you not in the know, is a big ass truck from the 70's that the lowe has an affinity for. we should be there in the span of three days and the game plane is to take pictures and document the trip. if i can't do this, i will take notes and document the trip when i get home (i'm being sent off in a plane with the boy after we reach arizona, it's a long story that involves my temper, 3 days in northern ireland and a bum knee but i will explain later). i might however, do the short version over time and then publish the war and peace version later for you folksa that like to read more. erikmikal sez the blog reads like war and peace so i am mulling over the length of my scrawl (how ya like that suckfish!!).

anyway on to the lenin part. the nice lady picked up some communist pins for a mujahadim hat i used to wear in the 90's that has since vanished. i liked it and it prompted conversation with 2 afghani guys i used to work with because one of them fled to pakistan when the soviets left and the other one fled when the communists came. anyway, i figured i would pin ol vladimir lenin onto my hat for company not because i am a communist. actually i'm not. i thought marx was wrong and that socialism would never work in practice because people are inherently ambitious and could never live equally as marx and engels though of it. either way, i like the art from the era. i try to employ the poster art style into a feature every now and again because of my affinity for communist poster art. besides i find it ironic that a capitalist like myself is going across the country with the father of communist russia strapped to his head. cheers, and i 'll try to keep you posted. dosvidanya, tovarisch.

—the bastard

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