Monday, July 11, 2005

mo problems

so the nice lady and i had been knocking it around about what to do about the boy's desire for a new pet, or rather his desire for his deceased fish charlie to come back to life and visit us from fish heaven (but that's another story). anyway, the lady asked the boy what he wanted for a new pet and the choices given were reptile or mammal. he pretty much said, "i'll take the lizard, thanks you". then they are off to the pet shop to find a lackluster assortment of lizards. the nice lad behind the counter said that we should go to the ny reptile expo for better lizards, so we did. there we saw more lizards than you can shake a snake wackin stick at. and oddly rocca

apparently mo, hosts a show for animal planet and he was doing a segment at the show. he seemed really good with kids. i even got this little siting in at gawker stalker. after talking to a bunch of very knowledgeable breeders and wading through a shitload of goth kids (what is it with reptiles and goth kids?), we purchased a blue tongued skink which we have not named yet but we did feed it the lowe's dog zoe

and there you have it. mmmmmmmmmmmm dogalicious

—the bastard

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