Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the holy chewkarist

i have to give this one to my coworker rob for coming up with this term. but, we were coming back to the office and these kids were giving away free chewing gum with a flyer. upon reading the flyer, we realized we had been had by the manhattan christian church, or perhaps jesus was telling us that we had bad breath. but the rob is agnostic so a yet to be proven divine power might be telling us our breath stank. then he noticed that he had doublemint gum. could it be that both god AND the devil were trying to tell him he had bad breath. i had winter fresh so i KNOW only god was telling me i had bad breath. if i got big red...well...then...you get the picture. anyway, on the elevator ride up (to the office, not heaven mind you) i remarked how i could now potentially meet my savior with fresh breath and being a catholic (most agnostics i know used to be catholic, i guess its all the boys or maybe the crazy hats) my coworker refers to the gum as the chewkarist. i just had to give him props for it.

—the bastard

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