Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So, what would Jesus Do?

The "chewkarist" got me thinking about an idea I have been kicking around my head to fend off some of those ultra radical Christians who think they're the first to hear about Jesus.
I'm sure you seen the phrase "What would Jesus do?" on a bumper sticker or other type of flyer or what not, well, after a long discussion with Vitamin J (Jesus and I go way back, we used to be in the same break dance crew, "JC and Funky Fresh Quartet"), I have compiled a list.

Jesus would used his turn signal.
Jesus would allow you a choice.
Jesus would take your gun from your cold dead hands.
Jesus would celebrate Chanakah.
Jesus would ban country music.
Jesus would mind his own business.
Jesus would let you keep your money.
Jesus would listen to good hip-hop, not that trash that's on the radio these days.
Jesus would fight his own battles.
Jesus would believe in himself.
Jesus would kick your ass for even thinking you know what Jesus would do.
It's a funny thing about all those born again-false prophets, apparently they have found Jesus, funny because it seems the Catholics knew where he was from the get.

el mofo

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