Thursday, July 21, 2005

...the office tour (or the head tour)

as i might have mentioned on one or more occasions i'm a magazine art director. i work for a hunting and fishing magazine. now i want to preface the office tour with the fact that i like it here. i like it alot. i have no interest in complaining about it or giving away company secrets or any of that grief. i just wanted to get that out of the way so i don't end up like that poor girl who got fired from another company because she complained about her company in blog form. that said, here are some heads.

now mind you these were all hunted by the same person. he has had quite a lengthy career in "the sport" and he's been to some place that have never entered my head to go to until i started working here and that's a plus for me. this one was mounted european style. apparently in old europe, they don't like big heads with eyeballs looking at them from the mantle.

big horn sheep. a lot of these things are by pure happenstance mounted in such a way that they end up staring at you all day. now i don't know about you but there is nothing creepier than having a mule deer head stare at you for 8 hours staight. it was even weirder when we had to work a double to work on a special issue. 15 hours of deer stare. ahhhhhhhhhh.

the previously mentioned mule deer

skull of a moose taken while the editor was in alaska

skull of an african cape buffalo. the list goes on and on and i won't bore you further with the details as there are several trophies. however,

this one was actually caught by the co worker. she went on a hunt with the NRA woman's auxillary. it ended up being the largest thing harvested that day (you like that term, don'tcha, we use that word alot around here). i talked her into having it mounted. now to just be annoying i'll stop in front of her desk and say, "now that is some pig". yeah it's juvenile but, it keeps things entertaining

this one was taken out by susie kansas. dangerous looking, eh? well that's all i'm putting up. there's more but this has gone on long enough. get back to work.

—the bastard

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