Thursday, July 21, 2005

...on train travel

people get me curioser and curiouser but not in the good way. i arrive on the platform just in time to get on the connecting train and being a stocky guy i sit down between two really thin people. oddly the girl i was sitting next too was sitting legs akimbo, the way the more inconsiderate men sit on the E train in the mornings (you know sitting with your legs spread as if what you have is the size of a bowling ball). anyway, she's so small that sitting that way doesn't take up much of a footprint. i'm not even in her space. she immediately starts fussing and fidgeting as if i am going to get up and leave which i didn't. rather than get taken into this little passive aggrssive shoving match i take out my book and start reading. eventually, the fidgetting reaches a fever pitch for her and she jacks in her iPod and then plugs it back in and then says, "shit", fidgets some more and then gets off at queens plaza. all i could think was, "that girl needs to stop chewing on her nails"

—the bastard

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