Monday, July 25, 2005

running the gauntlet

well i stand corrected. this morning, we had ourselves a bona fide check point. i was all a twitter with excitement, i mean sweat. it's frickin humid out, okay. i figured that would bode badly for me since our fair commisioner ray kelly said to watch out for people who are sweating. i thought the jig was up for me, i was caught.

so as opposed to the lines i heard about in times square we were 4 people deep and lo and behold, officer johnny on the spot saw the old lady and her big ass blue tote bag. you know that sort of old lady. the one with the gray hair and the mean look in her eye. yeah, that one. well ooficer spot grabbed her oversized tote and started digging a,d lucky me, sweaty sweaterson skates past the watchers.

quick note to the police. i know that procedure mired in political correctness keeps you from doing your job properly but,
the old lady doesn't have a bomb in her bag. nor do i, just a chip on my shoulder


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