Saturday, July 23, 2005

vegas in the NEW village

got these of of curbed. as some may know, CBGB's lease will be up this year and the local residents of the bowery want hilly kristal to pack up his stuff an dgo. this will be another symptom of a growing culture shortage in the lower east side. hilly had mentioned going to vegas and while it would be a shame, a really big shame, he's entitled. it isn't his fault that a bunch of wealthy trust fund sorts decided to build their families lives there. it's not hilly's fault that yuppies want to single handedly murder the birthplace of punk. i'll tell you this. new york has become a city of consumers not makers of things. way things are going, we will never have anyone like basquiat here anymore. no one likle warhol. no one like the ramones, the talking heads, the nyhc scene. no innovators, just pilates doing consumers with double wide strollers and marketing people. it's a shame.

but fear not, they are rebuilding the village, in beautiful, sunny, las vegas.

one summer i took my cousin from cali down to the village and she remarked at how dirty is was. the nice lady mentioned that it was the "hip" part of town. she responded that it was the "dirty part of town". now, it won't be that way , in vegas. no one will even have to put up with the cattle sized roaches. oh well.

—the bastard

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