Friday, July 22, 2005

i was going to post this as a comment....

but it ran too long

you know, it's a funny thing, i'll rebut at length later about bag searches and how your point has little to do with my point. your diatribe on the patriot act is a topic unto itself and i get to you about it in time, shiteyes.

with regards to that day, the day everything changed here. the day a perfectly blue sky had turned black and the fucking air turned into noxious jet fuel. i had to close my windows that night because it clogged up all the way down metropolitan avenue and it smelled like airplaner gas and burning skin. mofo knows this smell but, have you ever accidentally burn yourself lighting a campfire or pilot light. that's what it smelled like. and it burned for weeks. jimmy3000 had to be carried out of work (we worked on long island at the time ao all we could do was watch and get stuck in traffic trying to get home to our loved ones) that day. his wife was working in the courthouse across the way that day, she made it and 3000 now has a little 3000 running around the house. my friend, the drummer was strapped to the top of a fire truck for 3 months just operating a hose to put this out. i didn't even go to see the wreckage until december and it was STILL ON FIRE. when texas came to visit last summer they wanted to see the hole where all those people died one of them was my wife's cousin's husband. you see her cousin doesn't have a husband anymore. their daughter doesn't have a daddy anymore. you know what hey found? his foot. how the hell do you bury a foot? he was a good man, he deserved better. they all did. anyway, i brought texas to see it and told in tour guide mode i told them that "this here is ground zero, the last time i saw it, it was on december". i don't know if it registerred on them. maybe. they're good people.

anyway to the funny part, not that it's funny, more like sad. i was listening to something from rem (bad day) on the way home today and its a good song, i've come to a place where i enjoy the music of descenters just not their opinions. kind of like the french, love the food, hate the politics. but stipe's bush bashing about being jerked around by the president got me to thinking. i know he's talking about how he feels the administration is tearing into what he believes and engaging in things he doesn't believe in and he's entitled. even the mofo is entitled to his opinion, that's what makes this country so great. but for a brief moment, i wonderred about how we as new yorkers and american came together that day and how quickly we all balkanized after that. i also wonderred if mr stipe would feel the way he feels if those planes crashed into something he loved in athens, georgia and destroyed something he loved, in the city he grew up in, killing somone he loved. i don't know i'm not a rock star.

i don't want to argue over this point later on down the line, i just wanted to get this out while is was still sitting in my gut, eating at me. but i advise all of you out of towners to look at the situation as if your city was hit. that's why i feel for london and barcelona, because it happened here. well, now that i'm all upset from remembering all of this (it's okay, feels kind of cathartic to well up over a keyboard, maybe this is how writers feel, ida know), i think i got all off message. mo, it wasn't so much about bags being searched so much as it was about how queens has never shook off the stigma of former ed koch calling queens a series of cemetaries on the way to the hamptons. my point is the outer boroughs get ignored alot and it ticks me off.

—the bastard

PS and judge roughneck IS a kick ass name. maybe i will name the skink that.

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