Friday, July 22, 2005

straightening the askew...if that even makes sense

First off, it was a rough day when I came to find my souls work deleted by technology. However, I figured the Bastard (a.k.a the Bastard of Seville), would get things up and running once again. He did, it's done.

As for the lost episode, you should have been there. And the lone comment came from Jack, not Jake as the Bastard (a.k.a Big Baby Bastard) had wrote. Jack has his own blog and writes fairly often. Mostly about Strat-o-matic Baseball, but its been a while since I checked it out because I lost the address, so maybe he's broadened his horizons. Maybe Jack, (for motherfucker purposes he will be otherwise known as Judge Roughneck, the greatest screen name ever!) will be willing to post his blog address to our comments board so you can check out his filth.

Thirdly, I do install electric, however, I also pass the time as a street philosopher and Watcher (not the "What if" Watcher, more like the "The Defenders" Watcher.

Lastly, the Bastard (a.k.a Bastard Fo' Life) has requested pictures from the daily goings ons of purgatory. As they say on the islands "soon come." I work for a living. Yeah, I know what you all are thinking, "so do I", but you don't. The majority of you have jobs to attend, not necessarily work. Spend a day doing pilates on the top step of a ten-foot ladder wiring a recess can in a heat index of 110, then go back to your job, wherever it may be, and think long and hard about how you mistook your job, a series of tasks, for work. So, as far as pictures and more posts coming from my ass, I'll get to it. Until then, Taco Bell it is.

Oh, and just for the record, when law enforcement searches your private property without just cause it is a violation of the fourth amendment of the Bill of Rights. Since when does the Patriot Act (a.k.a The Orwell Act) supersede the constitution. Half the states in this Union violate the Brady Bill even though it is law. They hide behind the second ammendment (a.k.a the most misunderstood phrase ever) and sell guns at gun shows without so much as a license check and a wink of an eye. And isn't it convenient that Al Queda has shown it's face again, just in time for the renewal of that facsist piece of bureacrecy. If I was a congressman, when it was my turn to vote, I would have tucked that thing under my arm walked straight onto the speakers podium and took a giant shit on it, then using the Patroit Act to wipe my ass. You can laugh, that's fine, but I tell you this; every once and a while the subjest of 9/11 is brought up to me by people from down here. They talk about where they were when it happened and how they felt helpless and violated and how in the aftermath it swelled their hearts with patriotism. SHEEP! All of them! None of them know what it was like to be in that New York City that day. They didn't bomb the United States that day, they bombed my fucking stomping grounds. They don't know how it feels to smell the air full of death and airplane fuel permeating the entire city. Just like I don't pretend to know what it was like for a friend of mine, Freddy-NYFD, to pull body parts out of the rubble for 36 hours straight. Now they come in droves to witness the aftermath of the slaughter like its the newest tourist attraction, while I can't even walk near Church Street without feeling an emptiness in my gut. And our government uses this faux patriotism and paranoia to defame the bill of rights. Sheep, and the government is your shepard. Well, I'm the motherfucking wolf!

Maybe I should go see a pyschiatrist. Nah, psychiatrists are for crazy people, I'll just have a beer.

the mizzle fizzle fo' shizzle


bastard central said...

just to clarify, i've been reading alot of DC lately. wasn't the watcher of the defenders also UATU the watcher of what if fame? and was the watcher really an active participant one the team. and wasn't that what if elektra had lived what if the bomb? kind of looks pointless in retrospect to frank miller resurrecting her in 4 issue form but still a damn good comic.

—the bastard

bigbromofo said...

you guys crack me up debating watchers. read the marvel universe comics. doesnt he come from a planet of watchers.

bigbromofo said...

and you thought i was sleeping...

tell nikki to get on her desk in front of danny like sally field in norma rae and start chanting....UNION. try installing 4" gal and 500MCM in this heat on the tracks with no wind. you'll love installing high hats after that. are you getting your coffee break and 1/2 hour lunch. dont make me get the nlrb on surfside now. it could ugly. where is your apprentice? rememeber that this trade is a young mans trade.

bigbromofo said...

i was there at bear stearns when the 1st towelhead flew over our buidling within 100'. took the train hoime and saw everything from smith street bridge. took the x bus to work for teh enext few weeks and saw the carnage coming out of teh battery tunnel. check a few bags. only the criminally insane who cannot help themeselves will make a scene. while this is going on the arabs are draining our bank accounts by paying for this etxra protection, the slopes are trying to buy all of our oil and teh court is about to shift to the right. keep an eye out on what our dubment does while every6one is distracted. karl teh rave rove is still working even though he should be out, delay is still here, even trent lott ios tsill working.

the business of business is business. money talks and bs walks. these other nations will maje us a third world nation that has inground pools. sliding down the slippery slope. the only problem for teh jesus freaks is tha tonce they get what they want who goes next, do we go after the balcks again because they have drop to third behind the beaners (thank you mencia) or should we try the jews again. brown eyes or blue. the arguement between the towelheads and the rest of us starts back wiuth charles the hammer and nobody remembers what started the arguement. kinda like mary and olga. besides wall street actually like fascism. its good for business.


bastard central said...

apparently the older brother wants to get his union on. no names please. i heard the teamsters were leaving the afl-cio. is local part of that or do you want your dues to keep going to causes you may or may not like?

we're trying to keep it semi anonymous, just for the hell of it.

bastard central said...

ok, here we go. the watcher was never in the original lineup of the defenders. the original team consisted of the hulk, the sub mariner, doctor strange and the silver surfer.


bigbromofo said...

who said the watcher was in the defenders. I just said that tehre is a planet full of them. Sorry about the names, but most folks would not know who we are talikng about especially since two are dead and the other two work with #3.