Friday, July 22, 2005

...where all the po-lice at?

now i feel more secure. in response to the second round of london bombings, the nypd will start searching through people's bags...totally at random. the funny bit about that is this will breed all sorts of passive aggressive resentment among the law abiding populace when the cops search through the messenger bag of the 6 tall blond haired blue eyed catholic priest in full vestments (complete with a pointy hat and miter) on their way to st. pats, not that priests carry messenger bags (or do they) to keep the politcally correct satiated. i had read in a column after the the mass murders that happened on september 11th that opined that it was a good thing that we keep a look out for and search blonde haired blue eyed swedes on airplane flights because those blonde haired blue eyed swedes may just be ready to take the plane and crash it into a building. let's not go to our occam's razor choice on this one. you know, the 5 guys talking to each other in arabic, playing musical chairs in first class. that would be racial profiling. some crazy actor guy named james woods saw this go down on his flight from ny to la one august day in 2001. he calle dthe FBI. what a racist.

anyway, the police say that they are going to search bags. i waltz into the subway station ready to get the treatment and lo and behold. no cops. once again new york city's red headed step child that is the borough of queens is cop free. search free. with a couple of radical mosques in jackson heights and richmond hill and a man was arrested a few months back for the arms cache he had. oddly enough, he wasn't swedish. however, the nypd will be covering brooklyn and the bronx more heavily which makes sense and doesn't. at the end of the day some trust fund baby in a trucker hat and john deere sweat bands will get the body cavity search while the guy with the CAIR membership card will breeze by after phoning it in to the ACLU. ida know, ending rant now. reporting from the staging area.



Anonymous said...

Hey Pop--the red-headed stepchild had a bomb scare the day after London (July 8), and cops are asking my Mother (because my 10.5 lb toy pooddle looked like he was packing) where she's going, while circling this abandoned black bag left at the Main and Jewel busstop like it's going to stand up and sing show tunes. You're not going to see cops in the Queens subways anytime soon--you'll see the cast of A CHORUS LINE first--


ps--I read your stuff, and I can just HEAR you!

bastard central said...

i know, and that's the crying shame of it

—the bastard

jimmy3000 said...
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jimmy3000 said...

Ralph, Jesus did not have wheels!

That's some nice bloggin boy.

Yes, the speaker for the ALCU was very upset to think that sweaty people or those who stutter might be subject to the unspeakably violating bag check, this will cut into their precious "free all axe murderers and provide them homes in Nassau County" campaign.
Where mah meat-o-pult at?

bastard central said...

from the drudge report:

NY City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly Says To Watch For People 'Sweating'...

great! now i'm really in the shit

by the way jim, we call them "ASK" murderers these days