Monday, August 08, 2005

And I loot and I shoot and I will...

So I've been off the grid for the last few days. My cousin/roomate had her friends from Tampa down. They're lesbians and I do believe I've had enough of Melissa Etheridge and Ani DiFranco for a lifetime. I'm not quite sure I understand the idea of a committed lesbian relationship. It has always been my observation that no two women can get along for more than six months at a time. I mean, great Odin's raven, (thanks for the line Will), there was enough drama in my house to rival that of Henry V! To top it off I offered up my services to help move my aunt's family's multitude of shit into there new house with one other dude only to be welcomed back to my humble abode by a rousing chorus of "Come to My Window". No thanks.

Anyway, my newest port of call for Surfside Electric is Immokolee, FL. It's about 50 some odd miles south of my area. Immokolee's previous claim to fame was Edgerrin James, running back for the Indianiapolis Colts, he went to high school there before moving on to the University of Miami and so on. Now it is known for the Seminole Casino, yet another house of gambling run by and self contained on so-called "Native American land." Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the natives of the Americas pulling themselves up by the boot straps and becoming economically healthy again by opening casinos, especially when it would be their land anyway had we not raped, pillaged and infested them with European disease. However, it seems to me that the people actually running these casinos have less to do with plight of the indigenous people of the Americas than Chief Knockahoma. But that is a subject for another time. As I drove into Immokolee I couldn't help but notice I was driving into a shanty town, I was half waiting for Desmond Dekkar and Jimmy Cliff to jump out of alley and ask fe me cash, mon. Florida get's more government aid than New York and California with hardly the population to back it up, so how is it that its schools rank close to the bottom in the entire nation and I can end up in a scene from the "Harder They Come"?

Happy birthday to the mother of the Bastard (aka Agent 00Bastard) and the motherfucker. She is niether a bastard or mofo, she's just mommy! Love ya'!

the mofo.


bastard central said...

shanty town? near casinos? you need to listen to atlantic city by springsteen. i can't believe i just recommended springsteen. what the hell? well good luck to capt nemo and crew on the new shanty


bigbromofo said...


You forget that she is the mother of Big Bro Mofo also. The Double Platinum himself. Thanks for the new monicker bastardly bastard.

Colts will win the big one this year!

bastard central said...

dub plat,

i think mo was giving me props because we were working on this liddle project together. i think it's a given that mom is your mom as well


bigbromofo said...

i know that bastdude. i just hate to be left out.

dub plat

bigbromofo said...

odin's raven and thor's hammer. good movie.

bastard central said...

i have many leather bond books and my home smells of rich mahhhhhhhogany. merlin olsen is a personal friend of mine you know

—ron bastardy

bigbromofo said...

and yet the ID of Merlin Olsen escapes me at the present moment. Was that signature a play on Ron Burgundy or Ron Jeremy?

Dub Plat - Big BroMofo

bastard central said...

ron burgundy mentions that merlin olsen is a real good friend of his in anchorman. that's all. i think the mofo was riffing that. mo?

bigbromofo said...

i dont remember that scene. it does make sense since he palkyed ball in the sixties / early seventies for therams before little house. i dont think mofof will respond too quick since he is slaving away at a non-union job site and cleaning the house / apartment of lesbianisms (as his article infers).

dub plat - bigbromofo