Friday, August 05, 2005

endgame...i'll take the high road...

...and you'll take the low
and i'll be in scotland afore ye

that's right kiddies, the bastard is flying home from sunny arizona where i have been staying at the fortress of solitude of mr. and mrs. the fist of kung fu. you see the bastard's brother in law is a real live sensei. not too many people can actually say that, so shut the hell up, you ain't a sensei, jerkface!!! actually i do tease the fist and he is quite tolerant of my humorous barbs, which leads me to two conclusions: he actually finds the bastard amusing or he's got the patience of the triads and he'll take me out later on in life when i have the most to lose. come on, didn't anyone see the yakuza with james caan? either way, fair is fair.

anyway, i would like to thank the fist of kung and his lovely wife for putting us up at their lovely house (and it is lovely, you gotta see this thing, wait, i'll show you, crazy digital cameras).

nice new construction

vaulted ceilings

nice back yard

with a view of the desert. what's not to love

tomorrow morning, the boy and i are heading out on the first auto gyro out of phoenix (no you didn't doze, i'm in tucson, nothing is easy, is it?) and we will be settling in to the lovely stylings of frikkin jet lag. good thing i don't go back to the salt mines until tuesday. till then....

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

if he was the fist who was power man. there not too many blacks in AZ. maybe it was power hombre.

Bigbro Mofo

bastard central said...

well actually the fist of kung fu was a separate series from power man and iron fist. i call the fist of kung fu the fist of kung fu because i'm really referencing david carradine in kung fu. which mind you his death scene in kill bill has entered my top 5 death scenes. very classy

—the five finger punching bastard

bigbromofo said...

ah yes but that should have been bluce ree's part but round eye stole it from him. Damn Horrywood!

The five double platinums

bastard central said...

dude, that is uncalled for on so many levels. maybe it's a good thing that i keep everyone anonymous. oof

—the bastard

bigbromofo said...

what are you complaining about? That is the truth. That TV show was Lee's idea until they gave it to Carradine. The language goof is a goof. How come Mofo does not get a bastard like lashing for his obvious Melissa pre cancer references.

Doubly Platinum like

bigbromofo said...

does your weblog router go through beijing or canal street. relax.

bastard central said...

dude, i'm chiding you. relax. switch to decaf. you'll know that you are in the wrong when your post is deleted by the bastard and replaced with my frothy rantings in all caps. anything else is done in jest. i was holding out for the deck the ahll numbers from a christmas story from you.

i have no strong feelings one way or the other for ethridge. she neither shocks me, electrify nor rocks me. cancer sucks but, so does her music in the mo's opinion. he's entitled.

yes bruce got screwed, i saw "dragon". just remember to "keep you eye on the finger or you will miss all of this heavenly glory".


bigbromofo said...

does an alarm go off when i place a post on here? i crack up over segues you two guys bring up.

dub plat mofo

bastard central said...

i get email alerts but i was just looking on this one. j3k is this cat i used to work with who is the reason you listen to fu manchu. he just post comments and funny shit at that. i check regularly enuff. i can't speak for the mofo but i think he needs to get into the comments window more often