Thursday, August 04, 2005

sheaves revealed

dear elder, i will let you off the hook. and i'm only doing it because jimmy3000 was asking too. the sheaves that the mofo refers to are in reference to the song bringing in the sheaves. when i used to pick up the nice lady on the way to school when we went to college i used to get her while her mom was getting ready for work. now the mother in law is born again. at the time before she discovered the easy on the eyes stylings of carmen, she used to listen to family radio and this 2 tape set of christian favorites. one tape featured burl ives (of rudolph the red nosed reindeer fame), singing bringing in the sheaves. she listened to the tape so frequently, that i was dropping by 4 out of 5 days of the school week and hearing it twice a week. sometimes (and to be honest rarely but it must have happened at least twice for me to remember this stuff) i would hear it every morning.

one night the mofo and i were drinking and hashing out things after he got back from work at tower records and i made mention of this to him. he found it to be funny as hell. that is the mofo's gift. he remembers minutia that was once funny to me and then brings that beat back.

case in point. we have this dentist that looks alot like peter sellers. i'm at the dentist and he asks me if i had seen the mofo lately, that he owes him a visit. i go home and he's chillin' out, smoking a camel and i tell him that the dentist was asking where he was and mofo responds (without missing a beat), "next time you see him, you tell him i'm in his fridge waiting for him."

—not now bastard, ahm trying to use the phen


bigbromofo said...

There is a bimb in my ruum.

That you for the defintion. Since nobody speaks to me on a regular basis I need a translation once in awhile of the bastardo / mofoian to english dictionary.

Why are you addressing me with the name of the worst KISS album going? Not that I would want any other album name as a nickname.

Speaking of horrendi, if you visit the Metallica website (today is the annivesary of the burn in Montreal and Bunson Honeydew's birthday is the same day as Mr. Hetfield) one will find that they require a payment to be a memeber and visit the " secret news" etc. So much for doing it just for the music.

Big Bro Mofo

Priest is still better than Maiden

bastard central said...


well actually it's not a lingo thing, it's just that mo and i were drinking one night and he remembers the wackiest shit.

i address you as elder because "a world without heros is not not a place i wanna be". look it's that or i'm going to call you double platinum.

i try to avoid metallica as often as humanly possible. i DO however want to see that documentary so i can make fun of their asses. "secret news"? what's so damn secret: ooh, lars dropped a turd shaped like madagascar on his picasso today. those bastards.


look pal, i like maiden better but if i were to choose a grand marshall for the phoenix, az gay pride parade i would always go with halford. he's the king of all leathermen

bigbromofo said...

this posting is funnier now that the pictures are there. when did burl ives smoke?

bastard central said...

all his life i guess


bigbromofo said...

he wasn't grubbing a butt from yukon cornelius. does have a zippo or does he use teh fire that hermie and rudolph create to light his marlboros

Big Bro Mofo Double Platinum