Thursday, August 04, 2005

...on sonic

when the bastard travels, his goals are usually less touristy. his goals are more gastronomical. when i went to paris, i wanted steak frites and french onion soup. when i go to arizona i want mexican. we're close to the border and it's as close as i'm going to get to the real thing until they clean up ciudad de juarez. however, i have recently taken up a quest to come up with my favorite hamburgers. i already have a top 5 death scenes in movies and a top 5 list of steaks i've had, so i figure why not a top 5 burgers. i started off with a bunch of places in nyc that i likes a lot.

but once upon a time there was a sonic in suffolk county and then it was gone, denying me my sonic experience. but, the nice lady told me that there wereplenty to be had on the road so i became jazzed. i later found out that quite like grade 8 bolts the lowe complained that he can't find slushies in ny (the lowe's disdain for nyc's lack of oscure things that you can only find at a farm and fleet knows no bounds). so upon acheiving that goal at dairy queen we picked up the boy and the mom in law at the studio of kung fu and went straight to sonic. now susie kansas (big sonic fan from wichita) told me what i should order but i decided to order otherwise. got a bacon chee with chee fries and a big ass grape slushy. it was good. maybe top 5 good, but , it was good and i feel better having experienced sonic.

—bastard burger with a side of fries

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