Thursday, August 04, 2005

bastard went over the mountain...part deux

so the day after we arrive, the mother in law opts to take the boy to a karate class at the fist of kung fu's studio. we opt to go up onto the mountian. mount lemmon. you know, we didn't find jack lemmon's body up there or actual lemons (mmmmmm lemony) but, we'll keep looking. mount lemmon is much taller than the other hills i have been up and down on the east coast and there was even a prison up here. but the thing i enjoyed was the change in terrain. starts off with cactus and when you get up top, pine.

there was a great deal of rock formations that i found downright interesting but then again what the hell else are you gonna do out there in the desert...die of thirst. it's funny, we brought some drinky supplies and while we were climbing up in the scout, the bastard was trying to keep hydrated which is no easy feat considerring how my esteemed brother has spoken earlier about my ability to throw back liquids on any given day. since it is monsoon season there were remnants of water up on the mountain which was funny to me momentarly because we were in the desert (mmmmmmmm dessert).

now the funny thing for me was as i was returning from photographing augustus gloomp's wet dream here, i started to feel dizzy and all the other symptoms that go with heat stress so i bum rushed back to the scout to chug a gatorade. my senses returned and shortly there after so did the nice andy and the lowe who were taking photos with cameras more advanced than the space shuttle's. then again, i'm beginning to think that one of those airplanes that run on rubberband power are more advanced than the shuttle but, that's a different rant.

got about seven thousand feet up when we started to lose interest and we stopped. i got a picture of this burnt out pine. about 2 years ago, half of this mountain was on fire and toasted half of the coronado national forest. i put vladimir up on a tree so that we have proof that communist can make it up a mountain in an international scout

finished, we headed back down, took some more pix on the way down. the lowe did his best not to careen his way down. pretty stable box he drives. follwed up with a trip to sonic


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