Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bastards head west...

...or how the coffee ain't cuttin it.

after a well times visit to a waffle house on the south carolina border to eat a crippling waffle, we crashed at a truck stop over the border in georgia. i slept through all but 30 miles of georgia as we plowed down i20. when i was conscious, i was in alabama. it smells much nicer.

i have come to a conclusion that caffeine is like low rent heroin. you have to take enought to keep yourself from suffering but you never get that bang from it that you got when you first got hooked.

alabama has a town called Eutah (this is actually biringham). gotta love the alabama education system. or maybe it's kind of like how the south is like great britain. they like to pronounce shit there way. you know, how the british say sheduwell instead of schedule, or how some scout owners from iowa don't pronounce compass correctly. who knows, who cares.


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