Tuesday, August 02, 2005

south carolina is way buggy...

...and way stinky. they have these pig farm trucks moving around in the middle of the night...full of pigs...crapping. no true believers, you haven't lived until you've experienced the smells of moving pigs. the father tells me that SC has a big pork industry that isn't regulated (as he gets his new york times on). and the stink is actually from waste that has been stored in a series of bodies of water across the state. one of these bodies of wather had broken and flooded all over some part of hte state. mmmmmmmm methanealicious. maybe they should have opted for the tina turner in max mad part 3 movie and harnessed to pig crap for it's methane power and then of course fought it out in thunderdome.

either way, the bugs when we pulled in at the gas station at 11:30 @ night was covered in aphids the size of compact cars. i would have taken a picture of me riding one of theses aphids but there was a local ordinance against riding giant aphids. i didn't want there to be any proof.


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