Monday, August 01, 2005

fuel man wants to smash

after we finally were about to clear north carolina we pulled over for gas and to cool off the scout. at the gas station we found fuel man. fuel man just want to smash. actually fuelman is some kind of mobil easy pass gas thing. i likes the sign though. very retro fifties. while coolig off scout, some trust funder pulled up in another scout to of course as all scout owners i find do, talk scouts. when the lowe and the trust fund were inside paying for gas and presumably talking about scouts, the homeless man that was in the passenger seat of trust funds scout asked me for money. i passed telling him i had no cash. but then again, i had no money on me, the nice lady had it. besides, i was on the phone with the mofo at the time. come on!

—the bastard

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CreditStudent said...

I like the fuel man picture)))