Monday, August 01, 2005

the 18 wheels of jesus

when i first got cable, spike channel was known as the nashville network. on it was a show about a guys who solved crimes from his semi. it was called the 18 wheels of justice. now one would ask, hey bastard, why the hel are you watching a tv show about truckers. well i'll tell you jerkface, because the co star, the 18 wheels of justice's mentor was played by none other than G. Gordon Liddy! now you have to watch it, it's like a car accident that you can't take your eyes off of. anyway. we saw a truck tonight that was lit up like a truck from the shibuya district in tokyo. on his grill was a big light up cross. the nice lady called it the 18 wheels of jesus.

artists recreation of the 18 wheels of jesus

just to backtrack. while i like the look of north carolina, i hate the way they block off i95 every 20 miles to either put down or remove cones. sure, construction in nyc breeds a special kind of asshole who tries to ride to the end to gain 10 feet but to ride 4 miles of blocked off cones to find 3 guys shovelling crap at the end is crazy. construction in nyc is ongoing but it's sites are contained to the area being worked on, not the 5 miles previous to it to warn you. the funny thing is that you figure that once you leave new york, the courtesy of the driving populace gets better. well it doesn't, it degrades over time in this situation. the first delay was all efficient like. everyone, got out of the left lane 2 miles before the closure. by the time we arrived at delay number 3, people were tooth and nailing it to get in front of each other. ahhhhh, sights for the homesick

-the bastard

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