Monday, August 01, 2005

What is a sheave?

First off, I got a voice mail from the bastard (A.K.A. The Bastard on the Go), earlier today. He was on his way through Virginia via I 95 and wanted you all to know that he saw a pick-up carrying a large group of Mexicans as it's payload. Not unusual to see a pick-up full of mexicans, but he noticed a for sale sign on them. Were the mexicans for sale, and if so, isn't that the most hilarious thing you've ever heard, or the saddest.

As for this weekend, I fell off the wagon and smoked far more cigarettes than I had planned, but I think the enormity of beer that I consumed had something to do with it. I'm back on track today though. Yea me! And the short ribs were delicious.

And to answer a question that was poted to m; "What is a sheave?" Well, I don't know, you'd have to ask Burl Ives, I'm sure he'd know, but Merlin Olsen may have some sort of clue if you can't get in touch with ole Burl.

the mofo


bigbromofo said...

without breaking the bastard rules of naming names (no McCarthyisms)who might be burl ives or merlin olsen? is that geo or unc d?

Big BroMofo

bigbromofo said...

The shame of it is to buy / sell these people who drain our system of health bennies and jobs for tax paying people. when are you and unc d going to get together with our buddy weiser in texas and put up and electrified fence to keep the for sale signs out of the country. hoepfully before there are irish and italians on the same pickup.

jimmy3000 said...


I'm a little lost on the sheave thing too. I do know what a shank is however. My uncle Jim was a prision gaurd in Danamora and once related a story that Burl Ives was doing a stretch for loitering when he "shanked" Thurl Ravenscroft with his pruno-soaked goatee.

bastard central said...


is that the same prison that fatty arbuckle got conjugal visits from tallulah bankhead?


bastard central said...

bastard on the go. i loves it. i'll take 20. actually what is it today that makes today's bastard on the go so new these days.

-biz to the a