Thursday, August 11, 2005

creepy subway things

i'm way too lazy to take off my sunglasses on the subway. besides if the ladies who wear their oversized hedda nussbaum super hero shades can do it, then why not me. i am SUPER BASTARD or perhaps just the baba yaga ( i will commute to work in a walking house with chicken legs). anyway, there was this lady on the train and she had her digicam corder sticking out of the top of her bag and the lens is pointed in my general direction. maybe not at me but in my direction. i don't know why. my bastard sense is tingling so i set shades to scowl and i leave them there until she very UNslickly shuts it off an puts it back in her bag....defeated. i'm on to you camera lady and the bastard will use his powers of scowl on you if you don't cut that shit out. between her and homeless veteran pickpocket, i am acquiring quite the stable of enemies. what do you see to the east little wooden boy? to the bastard mobile?

—zoopah baztid


bigbromofo said...

take the lirr already and leave the subway to your nememsis. it is a quicker ride and you only have to walk 6 blocks cross town. you can then get physically fit so your scowl will be stronger

dub plat mofo

bastard central said...

dude. i walk from metropolitan down to the subway every morning and that's my exercise. when i get off at my number 6 stop, i am in front of my building. that way i sweat, then cool off before i get to work, rather than walk 6 blocks in this soup. besides, you have to get the city under your feet to tolerate it, even though you get the occasional weirdo. keeps it interesting

—the bastard

bigbromofo said...

just trying to help. i hope yoou dont show up on

dub plat

bastard central said...

won't happen, i have the gift of invisibility but, only during the cold weather months