Saturday, August 13, 2005

...on some kind of monsters

so i finally get around to watching some kind of monster, the metallica documentary and i have to go with the nice lady on this one. what a bunch of pantywaists. these chuckleheads were the standard bearers of my youth, half the reason i grew my hair long (allthough california apparently wanted to talk to me about that, they like the bastard bald), the other half was to see what it looked like. but man, these guys were giants. they are still wealthy but, but, they needed to hang it up..a long time ago. i remember my man miller. he sings for a hardcore band. he used to be mystified by the bands he listened to. was in awe of these bands and felt privileged to be invited to play with them. to tour with them. but, then something happened, the mystery an dawe was gone. sure he has these new friendships with these great guys that were once his idols but they aren't his idols anymore. the magic was gone. it's like a magaician revealed the secret of his tricks ro you and now it isn't so special. that part of my life is a little less special tonight. but lars ulrich did make a pretty decent buck off of his art collection. the bastards

—the bastard


mofo said...

The most interesting thing about the documentary is when Dave mustaine shows up at one of the sessions, if anyone has issues with Metalica it would be him.

bastard central said...

oh damn straight. especially that since he's an addict, he blaims all his shit on them. "everything goes great gfor you guys and everything for me turns to shit". he left out the part that said because of heroin.