Thursday, August 18, 2005

on the choo choo

so i'm on the train this morning, and normally it isn't too crowded at 53rd and lex. it's usually light crowded as opposed to meium to large crowded on the platform as it was this morning. it happens, it's rush hour, you don't like try another mass transit system. at least we don't need those guys like is hong kong that pry people into a train for a living. that's gotta suck. it's like trying to fit 10 pounds into a 5 pound bag. anyway tha bastard deftly works his way down the platform to find a spot where there is room to stand without being all upons with the people an old numba six comes sliding in. good old numba six. good for nothing. i get one, it's crowded and i take my spot next to this woman who is rocking her super hero shades. she was also wearing her super track suit with it's super velour powers. then some guy presses into me. the bag is full ithink to myself but, this little guy is pushing his way in standard operating procedure, we as new yorkers tend to hang out in the doorway. it's wrong, can be frustrating for some but the bastard does it too. i'm on this cattle car for two stops. door opens on the same side as i got in, why the hell am i gonna trench my way in only to have to kick my way out. to be fair when the situation arises, the bastard trenches in. i only have so much patience for the guy i periodically run into who shall be known forevermore as asian guy who wields his book or copy od the economist like a weapon so i'll step in. anyway little man says, "can you step in theirs room next to you", to velour woman. she replies "can't, the woman (old bitty with head phones) next to me won't move". little guy asks, "could you ask her to move in, she has room?" velour responds with, "i axed her already, she won't move". so much for the power of velour. a valiant effort on the part of velour woman, trying to do the right thing. anyway, i suddenly realize that old bitty is listening to abba. the song is dancing queen. old bitty's powers of 70 pop music have now invade my head, i can't make it stop. we pull into 42nd street. old bitty moves. velour makes a crack about how she moves "after" it's no longer crowded. we chuckle, the abba doesn't stop. it takes hold of me

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

you'll pay old bitty! the bastard will make you pay for this awful song in my head! dammit, i can't get it out of may head. aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh!

—the bastard

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