Thursday, August 18, 2005

celebrity spotting

i was transferring from the 6 to the queens bound grief when i saw this punk rock couple. they looked oldish. i think the term for an old hipster is crypster but i wouldn't know what to call an old punk rocker...out of touch? so anyway the woman looked old enough to have a teenage daughter to steal clothes from and dressed in the stolen clothes and the man looked like angelo moore from fishbone. i looked twice. you see robbo and i went to see the replacements at the old ritz a long time ago. it was their last tour together and the ritz had not yet closed down to become webster hall. during the set somebody pushed past me...hard. i looked up and all i saw was the back of a dreadlocked mohawk and a fishbone tattoo on the skull. it was angelo! i loved that band alot once. actually i loved the replacements too. still do. same with fishbone.

anyway, the guy gets on the escalator 10 feet in front of me and he's all smiles him and his old lady were making out, he was wearing a derby, i couldn't see if the tattoo was there. well something that looked like a tattoo was on the back of his head. i got off walked past him and his lady and went home. i decided to post on it but i wanted to see if i could find a recent photo of his skull. sure wnough, it wasn't angelo. besides, why the hell would he want to take a queens bound train?

—the bastard


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