Friday, August 19, 2005

...on spam

i'm sure this is a cross that every blogger has to bear from time to time but i'd appreciate it if those who wish to advertise their "blog" about college debt relief in my comments section somewhere else. don't get me wrong, the bastard does appreciate comments from folks other than just my friends and family but, i really don't give two craps about carrying advertising on the bastard works. i also do not need anything about some new moneymaking business idea. i am a graphice designer. i art direct a magazine for one of the largest publishing conglomerates in the united states. they pay the bastard a decent wage that let's him raise a family and have hobbies in this very expensive city. i freelance on the side and it helps pay the bills as well. one might say i'm on the 40 year plan towards independant wealth but i know guys who's 40 year plans are finding get rich quick schemes and that's fine for them but not for me. so i request that you take it somewhere else, shiteyes.

—the bastard

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