Saturday, August 27, 2005

... on divine right part 2

..or the neighbors used to be so cool part 2

went to the zoo this morning with the nice lady and the boy. on the way out i noticed that since they re-tarred the roof. the roof that the boy can't enjoy as much as the neighbors can. i neglected to mention that they have a whole set up on the roof. lounge chairs, 2 barbecues (one for vegan i assume), a sun umbrella. i just deleted photos of that because i decided that it just doesn't pay to rat thing1 and thing2 out to the landlord for complaining to him about my son enjoying the same things they do. so instead i will give you this spectacular shot of thing2's sweaty shoes.

yes, they leave their shoes on the landing. all 30 odd pairs of them. most are in an ikea bench that hey store shoes in. that is where the illustrious awful looking red and black with chains sneakers by mark ekco are. i don't know who the awful shoe culprit is but, there are some real winners on that box. they leave their garbage on the landing as well. usually because they don't care when trash day is. i know this because thing2 told me herself that she "don't give a shit when trash day is". trash day is the day that they decide to put their crap out on the landing and wait for the restaurant to close. then if they haven't gone to bed (which means it stays in the the hallway. mmm smelly)they put it on top of the restaurant's crap and let the mafia garbage trucks come and pick them up. which i find oddly hypocritical. to my understanding, they are both vegan which would lead one to believe that the have the conscience to care for the environment. wrong again friends. the meat eating bastard across the hall actually sorts his trash the legal way not the vegan1 and vegan2.

anyway. i'm putting everything back to the way it was. yesterday as the tar was drying i noticed that some of the toys on the roof were placed on top of their and the people across the halls air conditioner. as soon as it all dried i was going to move it so the girls don't have a frikkin coronary. i mean, HOW DARE THEY PUT THESE THINGS ON OUR LITTLE FIEFDOM. WE ARE NOT AMUSED!! but lo and behold in very passive aggressive fashion there they were. tucked under our AC. complete with whatever dirt they knocked over while knocking over one of our plants all over the place. jerks.

it's funny, in all of this shit that proceeded "doorgate" (which i WILL blog on, i'm just getting warmed up), i bitch and moan to my wife about it because it is my right. but i do try to do right by these women. these single old maid gettin older, they'll need bea arthur to contribute to make it funny over there in 10 years. i try, and i swallow my meanness and save it for anonymous anonymous here. for you. screw you, for me. so that i can stay cool. so that i can stay pleasant. so that i can not flip out on everyone. doesn't always work but, i'm trying. anyway the sad/funny thing is, that one day the boy asked about this whole business of not being able to play on the roof and i tried to explain it to him in the most diplomatic way possible "sorry boy, thing1 works from home and she can't work with you and that snotty kid across the way from you on the roof. we just have to respect her wishes". the boy responded, "i wish the neighbors would move really far away. to china. to get a snack."

—the bastard

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