Saturday, August 27, 2005

So this is what it has come to

While perusing the message board on past blogs, I came across one comment from the daughter of mogh, whoever that may be. She mentioned that Anthrax was getting back together with the original line-up to tour this summer and fall. The first thought that entered my skull was that it wasn't the original lineup, Joey Belladona, who is the lead singer for this tour, was not an original member, for that matter I'm not sure lead guitarist Dan Spitz is either. Doesn't matter, because when it comes down to it, is this what we're left with, is this what it has come to for us lovers of music. Ozzy in his "farewell" with Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones are trotting their 60 year old asses on stage, again, and there are loads of washed up 70's rock bands hitting the road. Shit, I saw Thin Lizzy two years ago with only on original member, I mean it was nice to hear "The Cowboy Song" live but come on. And it's not just rock music and tours I'm talking about.

I've been listening to hip-hop since i got my first walkman as a wee tyke in the early 80's. I was into hip-hop before the term Hip-hop was coined. i was in the thick of it working at a record store in the golden age of hip-hop in the early 90's, when the likes of Chuck D, Posdonus, and the Hit Squad would grace the floors of Tower Records and ask for help in finding Abba records to sample, (yeah, Hank, its under A for Abba). But hip hop has turned into an advertisement of jewelry and cars, the message lost and and the beats, bastardized (no offense to the bastard A.K.A. Ali Bastard and the 40 Thieves). Krunk, what the fuck, Hot-lanta, please. The last truly great hip-hop record to come out was in 1999, it's from a group called Blackstarr. You may know them better as Mos Def and Talib Kweli. It's the only record they have recorded together and it's a shame, because on their own they have released lackluster offerings. Even the Roots have disapointed me with their last few records. Wu-Tang Clan, well the only thing that is relelvant from those guys in the last few years has been RZA's work on the "Ghost Dog" and "KIll Bill" soundtracks.

Man, you don't even want to know what people are letting pass for punk rock these days. And hard-core, as far as I'm concerned there are only three bands that play true Hard Core anymore. But there are hundreds of bands using the label.

Nirvana burnt out, Soundgarden and Rage turned into probably the worst band name ever and lost their edge to boot. Pearl Jam hasn't made a truly relevant album since their first, but they keep on trying, (a note on Pearl Jam, they have written several songs over the past 15 years that rock, and throw an amazing live show, but as for a complete record, 1991 "Ten" is the only one worth owning. Bjork, got pretentious, The Queens of the Stone Age still haven't put it all together, there hasn't been a decent dance hall record to come out in ten years let alone a reggae, ska, or rock steady record, and Jesus Christmas, is there someone out there with half the saxophone of John Coltrane that can put together a decent jazz record.
A bunch of years ago I heard "Odelay" by Beck and thought we were saved, but that was short lived, then it was Sublime, but Brad wacked himself out before he had a chance to enjoy the first pressing. Pharrell Williams and his boys put together a record a couple of years ago that was the newest in new. It rocked it hopped it did it all but give you a cup of coffee and a cigarette, then NERD tried to do it it again-it was a waste of my $15. I love music, love it I say, but is there nowhere to go to find a band, artist, etc. I can listen to and not long for more?

Yeah, I still buy records, in fact I was pleasantly surprised when I bought the newest Foo Fighters a couple of months ago. I have always liked the band and always considered Dave Grohl the most talented member of Nirvana, (sorry Melissa, but it be the truth) but I had never picked up one of they're records. The thing blew me away. It was hard, fast, and it seems to mean something. It's the best rock record to come out in years. But it's one record out of a million these days.

I still buy records. I go to the local record shop, chat with the kool british lady and try to find something worth listening to. But its rough, and I don't think it should be. In a country of millions, there has to be 50- 100 musicians that can gang together that can come up with something refreshing, if not new. Something with some fucking teeth, and again I'm not just talking about rock. Mos, Talib, get back together and tell the hip hop community to get their shit together, De La Sould can't do it by themselves. There is 53 Marley kids, one of them has to to be able to rock a party. Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill. Speaking of the Marleys, get your hand off of Rohan's dick and make a call to Clef and Pras and save their careers. Hey Jay Z, take off teh suit and call the fella from Linkin Park and record something new. God knows they put it together themselves without coming off as the backstreet boys with electric guitar. The dude from the Verve reemerged with Coldplay at the Live 8 concert, hey Rich, pick up the slack over there across the pond and knock our fucking socks off. And speaking of those limeys, where the fuck is Tricky?!

Aww fuck it, I'm going to the Billy Idol show, I heard Steve Stevens is back playing with him again.

the mofo


bastard central said...

the belladona/spitz lineup wasn't the original but it was the lineup that got famous as anthrax. i totally forgot that one guy who tours as thin lizzy. it's a shame that he has to make buck like that. if phil lynott was still walking the earth, well he might just be doing heroin. ther bastard likes movies about junkies. that and movies about revenge. roll me over and turn me around. keep my head spinnin til i hit the ground. mmmm. the bastard likes stella artois too..

jimmy3000 said...

I remember reading an interview with Steve Stephens years ago in Guitar Player where the article stated he was the flashiest player in history, the quote of course came from Steve, and not the writer. I was so hoping Johnny Ramone would kick down the door and "Mosrite" him upside the head something silly.

mofo said...

First off, It was Scott Gorham, John Sykes, (who played on a Thin Record) and Tommy Aldridge with some bassist named Mendoza, can't remember the first name.
Second, why would want to be known as the flashiest guitar player, especially when you're not, that award goes to Steve Vai, the guy had a heart shaped guitar with three necks coming out of it (two righthanded and one left), I mean c'mon.

bastard central said...

maybe it was mark mendoza of twisted sister fame. now THAT would be classic.

bigbromofo said...

thats why you have to stick to Judas Priest