Friday, August 26, 2005

...on walkaboot

so the bastards's in a bad mood, right? i decide that i'm in no hurry to get home, i figure i'm gonna go down to sam flax, get me a new portfolio, go down to union square and pick up 100 bullets volume 5 from forbidden planet. maybe mope around for a little while. won't get coffee, i had my 4 for the day. i start out of the building head for the street and decide against it. you see the bastard is in a bad mood. i take the usual route and due to my bad mood i don't sleep. i'm in a bad mood so i don't read. whenever i'm pissed i can't seem to read. i can't focus because there is a rage inside me at the time that defies description. trying to concentrate only makes me more aware of how annoyed i am. so i observe, catch that crap shot of the fat menacing guy and roll out. i step out and see that one of the more interesting 99 cent stores near me has closed bu they seemd to get rid of everything save for one bamboo cane and a pigeon. hell i didn't even know you could buy pigeons.

—the bastard

PS: this one is for the dub plat

can you name what high school dean rolled in this hooptie? saw it and thought of our great love of the old alma mater and our great love for robert broncatello. have a good weekend dub.


bigbromofo said...

bronc baby

the pool guy / gym teacher

nice tires
dub plat

bastard central said...

hey, we try. everyone needs a little bit of yesteryear in their corn flakes

—the bastard