Friday, August 26, 2005

overheard on the train today

on the e,v platform at 53rd street i was standing near this guy with a mullet and his lady who looked like jet trash in what i envisioned would be the reason that tom waits coined the term. i really can't hear them and i didin't really care to. the bastard is in a lousy mood seeing as the industry had just recently broke his back. however as the wind that procedds every train starts in as the E comes down the track jet trash says to the mullet, "when you feel dah air, dats how you know dah train's comin'". no kidding? you must be the damn scientist of the group. oh no wait, batman is a scientist.

got on the v, proceeded to chill and across from me is what i assume is only jane pratt's stunt double. after soaking in enough creep factor for one day we get off the train at the appointed transfer point and grab the express (i hate being followed). on the train is this precious boy who i have seen on the train before. he rocks back and forth has a tattoo on his neck that will definately get him that job on wall street when he grows up. he rocks back and forth and is either rapping to himself or he's menacing folks to himself out loud. he had to have seen me taking the picture but i was gone and that's what's truly important, isn't it?

—the bastard

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