Tuesday, August 09, 2005

running the gauntlet 4

you know, it just figures. the boy has been asking to come to work with the bastard for months (at least ever since i brought him out to out old job for a visit) and wouldn't you know it, during lunch the police close off 32nd street due to concern over an abandoned black bag. gotta love it.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

....the devils grip, the iron fist or at least the devils four fingers. is tha tthe pitsburgh steelers one for teh thumb in 81. where do you get all of tehse pictures, especially of cluseau.

Big bro Mofo - Double Platinum

bastard central said...

calm down cha cha, now your just getting silly


bigbromofo said...

i thought i was taling to the bastard not Dennis miller. Who do you think you are Rance Bannon?

I was actually serious about inquiring where you got those pictures.

DUB plat - Big bro Mofo

bastard central said...

that's race bannon. you need to bone up on your johnny quest dub.

you see, i actually have an extensive collection of gauntlets as well as suits of armor that i have acquired from the magazine. just kidding, i went to google images and punhed up gauntlet.


bastard central said...

that's punched up, i so tired

bigbromofo said...

i was more interested in the dentist photo.

dub plat - Big Bro Mofo

bastard central said...

go to google images and type in what you am lookin fo dub

bigbromofo said...

are you trying to say that there is a sight for the pink panther....that my friend is genius

Dub plat

bastard central said...

no i'm saying that google the search engine has an images feature and when i typed in petter sellers+kato that's the picture i got. allthough there is a new pink panther movie coming out in 2006 starring steve martin as clusseu and jean reno as his parner. knind of kills the joke because sellers was making fun of the french