Friday, September 09, 2005

Back in the New York groove

Yes, i have returned for a short spell, Dr.s appointments, see a few people and to hit the mountains. I haven't seen a mountain in two years, not since the torrential downpour of the "We're in the shit now!" weekend. So it's off to Haines Falls tommorrow morning with the Millers. Then back to purgatory.

Dropped off the rental at JFK and took the air train into Jamaica. I have unknowingly followed the reation of the air train and the redevelopement of the Jamaica LIRR station. For one thing, Dub Plat's current place of business is there until he and the hitler youth, i mean local 3, move on to their next project. I also have been a regular on the LIRR on my way to Madison Square Garden for St. John's games when I went to school there and covered the team for The TORCH. So I have seen as many have the step by step recreation of the Jamiaca Station. I think they've done and admirable job for the absolute mayhem that takes place in that area to get that job so close to completion. Anybody who knows Jamaica knows that it is more than any other part of the city, a snapshot of life in New york. It is historic, a shopping mall, a transportation mecca, part ghetto and part scenic paradise, (check out the area just south of jamaica high school, I used to have the perfect view of the park there from any classroom on the southwest side of the building, and school building itself is striking, I should know I went there). So it makes me glad that while a gussied up train station may not cure all its ills, Jamaica, one of New York's oldest settlements can gain back some if its lost glory.

As for the air train I happened to make my way up from Florida the same day the air train began running. it was a happhazard ride at best, but after several trips back and forth over the last two years between purgatory and here, i have noticed steady improvement. And i just wanted to say to all those involved in the project, well done.

I do miss this cow town sometimes.



bastard central said...

now the really funny part is that you have inadvertantly (or perhaps advertantly) kept the kiss theme going with back (powerchord) back in the ny groove. i will conclude with a flaming guitar solo.

jamaica IS a difficult love in this town. when we brought the nice lady's truck to fortress QV we had to tow it down jamaica avenue and one can see the battered majesty that most off worlders will never gaze upon because sarah jessica parker's carrie moss would never lower herself to venture into the outer boroughs on that pox of a show

bigbromofo said...

to bad you were unable to see the AJR speedwagon while you were here. they have forgotten what you look like.

my question for Ace is why Anton Fig?

Big Bro Mofo - Dub Plat

mofo said...

First off, I purposely used the "New York Groove" reference as per our Kiss convo. Second, a better question is why would paul schaeffer hire him afterward

bastard central said...

he hired him due to his wonderful lyrics for a viewer mail song


bigbromofo said...

why hire atrie fufkin? just kick him teh ass right there, nigel.

bastard central said...

now you're just being silly dub

bigbromofo said...

whats wrong with being obscure silly. some of the poreviuos refences tha thave garnished this blog have been just as silly.

i see you have become an anti dubite when it comes to funny comments