Thursday, September 08, 2005

cbgb's officially served

...when reached for comment, rock music cried itself to sleep.

hear me now and listen to me latah. you frikkin yuppies are going to be really pissed when your teenagers move to vegas to start a punk band. you'll deserve it.

—the bastard


hilly speaks


Anonymous said...

well, you know how history manages to repeat itself...
and they DO deserve it--

it'll come back again, despite the jerks



bastard central said...

i wish i had your optimism DoM. yuppy gentrification has single handedly killed music in this town and i'll be damned if i'm going to billyburg for new music. the bastard is done

bigbromofo said...

mtv is to music like kfc is to chicken

and the fact that the youngings think it is okay to violate the copyright laws of the united states of america and pull the money out of the whole operation. soon we will be arguing in front of a burning rest. like joe and ray in goodfellas

bastard central said...

peer to peer file sharing is another argument that i totally see your point on dub, i just don't agree with it. i would have never discovered half the stuff i listen to if not for it. you listen to fu manchu because of p2p (two words: boogie van). but my favorite horse to beat on is metallica. no life til leather got them a contract. no life til leather was dubbed and re-dubbed illegally over and over and that's how they got famous. that's how lars got his basquiat painting. on a analog version of p2p.

pop culture=kfc chicken. everything is marketed to everyone. but now i want fried chicken. damn you dub! dam you all to HHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL

bigbromofo said...

extra crispy please with biscuits and the gelantinous mac and cheese.

people have always taped groups that they have liked and passed themn around and have make an underground business. most of these groups do not have coyrights or patents on their sound and / or songs when they are playing shows at staewrt hall for $100 prize. that is why they sell their shit and hope others will convert the masses. once the groundswell support is their some take off and some dont. at that point comes in the lawyers accountanst and the protection of their work. henceforth money to be made.

i agree that some things will never be found unless you there is digging going on. for every metallica that breaks through there are 1000 White Trash / Fusion / Satyr type bands that we thought would go big and now they all have 9 to 5 jobs.

blame the lawyers

dub plat

bastard central said...

mmmmmm i had gelatinous mac and cheese at the source mall. right after i tripped some little boy. it was accidentalicious

don't blame the lawyers dub, lets go the shakespearean route and dispense with them. like a lot of long running institutions they came in real handy when groups got screwed by the label, now they are parasites. they need to evolve like some other long standing institutions.

very true but on the same token, i never thought i'd get famous in a band. i thought i'd get girls in a band and that didn't work out so much. the bastard later found he would have fun in a band and that was where i was successful. maybe the deuce thought he would get famous, maybe malibu thought he would but i never did.


bigbromofo said...

did you get the potato wedges to instead of hard mashed potatoes and shit colored gravy during the accidentlicious?

just saw superstar mofo at the airtrain. had to run for the flight just like a white oj.

bastard central said...

no just bourbon chicken

well hertz never did replace the juice in those commercials. he was beat last night. early morning camping does that to a man

bigbromofo said...

with the bend it like beckham shades