Thursday, September 08, 2005

i'm going to have to ask you about that open container mofo

rudy speaks:

Guiliani: Don't Second-Guess Storm Effort

The Associated Press
Wednesday, September 7, 2005; 2:52 PM

NORFOLK, Va. -- Rudolph Giuliani, who guided New York City through the dark days after Sept. 11, said there is no place for second-guessing during an emergency, and he is not interested in criticizing the way government officials handled Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

The former mayor said before a speech Tuesday that it is too soon to draw any conclusions about whether the agencies that responded took too long or who was responsible. When the situation stabilizes, Giuliani said, the nation can examine the rescue efforts.

Giuliani said he would be willing to take a role in the relief effort but was not seeking a position.

Told by a questioner after the speech that he seemed the ideal candidate to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Giuliani said: "Maybe in a few years. Right now, I'm not a candidate for anything."

now the bastard isn't a big fan of the cut and paste news story filler for his blog but the current business in the south has made me a cut and pasting fool. this one is up for the mofo due to his great love of good ol rudy. i believe he made this statement in his yankee hat and underpants set. ok cue!

—the bastard

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