Sunday, September 04, 2005

every dog has her day 3

...or all's well that ends well

well after the lowe showed up with his dog the jz's dogs and their latest addition, "licorice" finally subdued and devored the lowe's dog. just kidding. the jz's came by and we were treated to the first time we had a crowd of guests in the apartment. turns out that the dogs of jz get along rather nicely with licorice. long sotry short, they took her home. i am rather impressed with brother in law jz's dog whisperer like knowledge of canines. then again, their first dog named "ozzie", was abused by his previous owner. jz and jz worked really hard to make this animal feel real welcome in their home and it took a year but, he's pretty alright in the head now.

so now it's off to the wilds of saugherties for licorice and it's back to our one pet household. while i van doesn't really have the capacity for jealousy, and he's not afraid of dogs, i'm sure he'll be happy to wander the living room floor freely without fear of dogs sniffing him (or her. blue tongued skinks can't be sexed until they are 6 months old so we have no idea what ivan is). now we can get back into our routine of the nice lady going to the gym and the bastard can get back to watching television, playing xbox, and pontificating on the merits of being a bastard. i must admit though, it feels kind of nice to save a life. now go do weekend things jerkface

—the bastard

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