Thursday, September 01, 2005

Location, Location, Location

This mess in New Orleans got me thnking about how lucky I was last August when hurricane Charley came within a millimeter on a map from laying waste to the place I temporarily call home. It also got me thinking about Jean Babtiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville.

Who is he you ask? He is the brain surgeon who decided to found a city below sea level back in the early 1700's. You see, for those who not aware, New Orleans is based below sea level. There are two man made dykes that keep the water from the Mississippi river and Lake Pontchatrain from doing what it is doing now, flooding the city. And that got me thinking. Is it human nature to dare Mother Nature to give us her best shot?

The World Trade Center was built in an area of Lower Manhattan that upon groundbreaking, engineers realized they had to come up with a way to stop the Hudson River from flooding the Battery. They built what would be called the bathtub. Basically a concrete foundation for the foundation of the towers to sit in. After 9/11, the bathtub burst, and was spraying the Hudson River all about ground zero, repairs were made and crisis averted. But again, why are we testing the power that nature holds?

I'm not afraid of much. I don't like heights but I can get a job done if need be. Doctors, well, if you know my history, you know I'm not a fan, but I go because it's the right thing to do. Not too afraid of dying cause I've been there a couple of times, (some say I'm like a cat, and I figure between my past health issues and the way I've ridden my bike for the last 15 years, I got about 6 lives left). And God, well,whether he or she exists i don't know,but I live my life to a certain ethic and the presence of a higher power doesn't enter into why. I am however afraid of Mother Nature. My man Miller once said "there is no God just Mother Nature, forever wild, bitch, forever wild!" No truer words could be spoken. We must respect her because if a Tsunami half way around the world didn't let you know, you better ask somebody after this little rainstorm Lousiana and Mississipi had.

People live in stilt houses on Laurel Canyon in California,, what the hell are they thinking. The San Andreas fault will take your house out faster than an angry Mel Gibson (see Lethal Weopon 2). Before Hurricane Andrew in '92 any wind stonger than 60 miles per hour could rip roof off here in purgatory. Good thing steps were taken to prevent a reoccurrence, (houses built in the sunshine state must be rated for 160 MPH winds).

So what's my point, let's all move to New Mexico where the worst thing that happens is you get that 110 degree dry heat? I don't know, you build the stilt house on the side of Mullholland Dr.,you might as well live in it. But keep this in mind, in a country so dependent on oil for life, you just lost a couple of refineries on the Gulf of Mexico for a few days, maybe weeks. You drive you're SUVs and you rebuild you're muscle cars that eat gas up like it's candy. You accept plastic bags because you think you are saving a tree. Well, Mother nature is letting you know, you keep raping me, and I'ma rape you back. If you want blood you got it. You want my oil, I'll take your refineries out, how you like me now?!! Wake up y'all. All those crack-pot scientists aren't so crack-pot. The way you consume fossil fuels is killing te planet, and emptying your wallet. Trade your SUV in for a smaller car. It doesn't have to be a hybrid, just something that doesn't run out of gas when you drive 10 miles. Instead of saving a tree, plant one, and ask for paper bags at you're local market. Anything made of plastic requires oil. Ride a fucking bike, car-pool, something, just don't be the reason why the world ends. You see what's happenning in new orleans,. the looting, the lawlessness, that could be your town. Oh, and if you own a Hummer, please do us all a favor and drive it off a cliff, you obnoxious fuck!

Wow, that one got away from me. But it's too late to turn back now, i believe, i believe, i believe I'm losing my mind.


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