Thursday, September 01, 2005

every dog has her day 2

so we're in luck. my sister in law and her husband whom i will call jz1 and jz2 (because they married into the same initials) are coming in this weekend and i believe that they are staying over, which will be a feat unto itself due to our small sized place and their two dogs that come in tow. what we're conducting is an experiment. if the jz dogs get along with licorice, she will go back upstate with the jz's and live happily ever after until the nice lady and i find ourselves a house or our landlord changes his mind. i admit, i like the idea of having a dog around and i REALLY like the idea of having a dog that barks every time the neighbors come home but, the bastard is really glad that we can save a life. now i feel better

—the bastard

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Anonymous said...


Hooray for jz1 and jz2!!!!

Break out the bloodwine!