Thursday, October 27, 2005

the bastard loves hangups

you realy gotta love japan sometimes. i know i do, which is silly because the bastard has never been. it is however, on the bastard's list and zsolte assures me that it totally rocks. one day the bastard will go or as the nice lady keeps chiding me, i will be reincarnated a 14 year old japanese school girl. that couldn't be further from the truth. the bastard is a big fan of travel but travel isn't a fan of him as he seems to come back cranky every time. i don't get it. either way, i enjoy what i have seen media wise and literature wise. as i mentioned in an earlier post, i had just finished reading idoru and it takes place over there. now i didn't get the book because it took place in tokyo, i got it because i'm reading alot of william gibson these days. reading passes the time on the bastard's commute.

anyway, this photo comes to us from the office. you see, the collector brought this toy over to me to show me it's humorous qualities. why the collector you ask? well, at the front door (for lack of a better term) of every cube here, we have little squares with our names on them so that they can put a name with the number and everyone doesn't come rolling into the bastard's cube saying, "hey mr. 10n-9 how's it going? how about those white sox last night huh? working hard or hardly working? (cue guy smiley teeth" instead they can say, "hey bastard, you need to do things for me so that i don't have to. now do it jerkface". it's as simple as that. anyway, every time someone on the floor departs our magical little kingdom here on park, the collector takes their name tags and tapes them up onto her cube, to keep it real. anyway, the collector bought this power rangers toy for her niece and then speculated on why this toy (that turns into a dog) has it's tail between the robots legs looking like...well you get the picture (literally).

in short (which this blog never seems to be) what i really find funny is the japanese sense of humor or perhaps it's their ability to sneak sex into even children's toys. or maybe we just have dirty minds. but then again we don't exactly have vending machines on the street with underwear in them. but i suppose everyone has their hangups

—the bastard

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