Sunday, October 09, 2005

...on hitting the target

...or on not hatin' the playa, hatin' the game

well the bastard has been sensing some tension in his and the mofo's little pocket of ether. don't get me wrong mo, like i've said, the bastard isn't angry or tight shorted in fact this is almost like how i wished discourse was. you and dub are everything the bastard ever wanted in an allan combes, so by all means gents, keep swinging, i'll keep swinging back. but to break up the vitriol the bastard went to the range with the boy, cause when the shit comes down the bastard will need to forage for food and who better to help out than the boy.

besides, it gives me something to do with all of these hurricane leftovers. it has been downright crappy out this weekend and i had bigger and better plans for the boy and i, i just can't seem to get out and do it (like say, go to the park) in a torrential downpour. so the boy and i went down to ye old archery range to shoot some blocks of styrofoam. you see, the bastards magazine is doing a story on the future of hunting.

QUICK SIDEBAR: the bastard isn't a hunter, i don't really have it in me to kill and animal (people may be a different story but ida know) when i can buy one from my grocer's freezer or perhaps go down to the mitch and grab some fresh cut animal bidness but, the bastard does work for the hunting and fishing community which makes uncle texas a very proud godfather to the bastard.

anyway, you see, in this future of hunting article the magazine will discuss, people who are "out there in the trenches" so to speak helping the cause that is my bread and butter and they will profile new species that will be widely discussed in hunting circles. styrofoam blocks are one of those species. you see they are overrunning parts of the northeast and wisconsin and people are starting to become at risk from styrofoam blocks wandering out onto the highways and causing auto accidents. why i was nearly in onw on the way over to the rents house one saturday and if my brakes weren't true that day, who knows? so i think we'll have to cull the styrofoam block population before it endangers itself or others. sure we can spend 15,000 dollars a pop to sterilize these blocks or as the bastard's brother in law j1 suggests, introduce more predators into the environment but, i gotta say, this is the most econimic and cost effective way of dealing with styrofoam blocks. so join me out in the field this fall as we do our part for the culling of the blocks also know as styrofoam season.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

nice to see the nephew. we should get together so that the cousins can see each other

bastard central said...

tru dat