Saturday, October 29, 2005

the storm is dead...long live the storm

now the bastard thinks the controversy really will end up lying in how quickly the he stalks the mofo online. actually it was just pure happenstance that i was checking the mail when i noticed that the mofo had puked out another one so the bastard thought he'd chime in.

on the on hand we could go down the conspiracy filled liberal media road to get to where we are. we could say that this is the results of a liberal cabal because next year is an election year and fuh fuh fuh. we could say that the clinton lewisky thing was the right's revenge for the clarence thomas/robert bork thing. and this is revenge for th eclinton lewisky thing. the event that the clarence thomas thing was revenge by the left for something that nixon did. hogwash. that sort of shit is for oliver stone types on both sides of the aisle or perhaps stat freaks. the kinds of stat freaks like say fantasy baseball nuts. "well you see karl rove has a life time batting average of .032 an i am going to pit my plus 5 holy avenger against your hand of scooter libby, etc. etc." nonsense.

it's like this for the bastard. clinton got what he got because absolute power corrupts abosolutely. clinton did the deed and he lied under oath. he roda the impeachment process out at the expense of the reputation of the highest office in the land. and what we see right now with libbey and rove is similar. IF in a court of law, it is proven that rove and libbey outed what is shaping up to be an almost unimportant agent of the CIA (and if you can get me links to things plame did FOR this nation that were important to national security, put em up and i'll retract my comments about plame) they should pay the price for it. justice is not about political parties, it's about being able to right wrongs and restore harmony. i don't think this will stop until january 2006 though. the folks on the both sides of the road play hardball and this is why the tone in washington is so shitty. this is why the best of our nation don't want to run for office. i know i'll never do it. i'm a bomb thrower, it'd never work out hunny. it's not you baby, it's me sorry.

either way, the bastard doesn't get all upons on the justice system. the bastard get all up on fabricators of things and if it turns out that things were fabricated, then the bastard will come back to revisit this the waste of tax payer cash that it may be.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Enough with the liberal media shit, there as liberal as you are, guy. And you act as if its ok to out a member of the CIA because she is unimportant, when are you going to wake up and smell what you shoveling? This country is unraveling piece by piece and I just can't get over the fact that when all is said and done, Alfred E. Newman is running the show and "liberal media" or not he's accountable.

bastard central said...

first off, i was putting out a thoery, not my own.

secondly, dude, no offense but i WORK for the liberl media. just because my little corner of it doesn't mean that the bastard is insulated from the rest of my field. publishing is small and i work for the largest media conglomerate in america, quite possibly the world. i think i have a good idea from what i speak and bernard goldberg can fill in the rest of the blanks

i am not acting like it's okay to out and CIA agaent on any level but mo, her neighbors knew for years. did scooter do that? i tend to think not. this case isn't nearly as black and white as you purport from your all knowing perch. there is more to this, i smell it. the truth will also eventually come out i'm just not so sure that mit will get widely reported.

this country is unraveling piece by piece not because of the chimp but because we as a society are falling about. we have dined well on the feast of moral realtivism and now our meal is coming to an end. ida know bro, but there's more to it than the administration. i've seen the country sinking fast since before bush. it slowed down for a while but with the mud slinging match that will be the 2006 senate elections i feel the world sliding more.


bigbromofo said...


the fact of the matter is that the repubs did something to show that they are in power and you do not mess with them. just like the 50's coups where we thought we could just come in and kick ass.

dub plat

bastard central said...

well dub,

it's like this. this is another good example of why you shouldn't fuck around with a lame duck. have you noticed that the teachers and sanitation and the cops and soon the firefighters took bloomberg's contract offers? well taht's because he's more than likely going to win the election and if you go against him now, you'll get fucked later. you watch for bloomberg doing everything in his power to bust sheldon silver's chops next wednesday for the next 4 years. it ain't right but it seems to be how lame ducks are. clinton sent the IRS after every conservative organization under the sun in his second term and bush is maybe going to do the supremes. i don't know how i feel about it because i want more of a balance in the courts but, we'll see how it goes down. i do however don't see roe v wade going away. you shouldn't legislate from the bench


bigbromofo said...

great term to use. legislate from the bench is when the left judges want to change the law but it cannot be used ewhen the right judegs wan tto change the law back. then it is strict reading of teh constituiton. sounds like the same waffle house to me.

which supreme is he doing. diana ross is geeting old and i think only one is left from the 60's. is bush turning into phil spector and creating a wall of sound to keep people off of the issues.

bastard central said...

that's bullocks. i first heard the term when referring to the left's use of the court to change laws that were instituted by officials elected by the people. sounds like you started out ok but then you got lost on your way towards the answer and then you had some waffles for breaky.