Sunday, October 30, 2005

I found you Kunta Kinte!

At long last I have come upon the holy grail, that which has been kept beyond my reach for well over a decade and a half--a copy of the "Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York" by Robert A. Caro. It's the story of the greatest and worst thing ever to happen to New York City since the dutch buying Manhattan Island for 20 bucks--engineer and builder Robert Moses. I should be spitting venom about corruption in a week!



bastard central said...

you should pick up gotham after that. rayne o'brian says it's a real good one to keep that corrupt vibe going. i on the other hand will continue to read the paranoid stylings of philip k dick.

jimmy3000 said...

Peter Minuet (Who has played Chewbacca in four of the six Star Wars movies) purchased Manhattan from the Carnarsie tribe, they lived in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, not Manhattan. Pale face paid the equivalent of $827,000 per acre to a bunch of savage Injuns who lived in Brooklyn for something they never owned. Minuet got taken like the white honkey devil bitch he was and the Manhattan tribe got an ass full of Minuets Dutch treat. Meanwhile the Canarsie tribe spent nearly 82 billion (adjusted) on Crazy Horse Malt Liquor and 45's of "Indian Reservation (Cherokee People)"; dying wampumless and insane trying to make a phonograph needle from a buffalo.

Anyway, ever notice the Meadowbrook has overpasses that won't allow busses to travel on them, or that you never saw a Jack Benny episode with Rochester dusted out on 21 Mule Team Boraxo putting his fist through the N27 for not taking him to Pearl Paint on Hempstead Turnpike?

Let's keep the darkies the hell out of Searingtown already!

p.s. what the hell smelled so good in NYC? (My gut sez Waffles, but it always sez Waffles) Were all Armenians visiting relatives overseas?

bastard central said...

as i said in a previous post 3k, the terrorists are developing a dirty waffle or perhaps getting ready to attack us with giant robo sized robots made of waffles houses. only godzilla and jet jaguar can save us now. ichiban!!!!!

bigbromofo said...


next to the bible, the power broker is the next big book of truth. read it like a three act shakespearean play. the origin, the dastardly work, and the comeuppance.

and yes mr 3K, RM wanted no darkies, no honkys with no money, etc
big bromofo

cooladd said...

20 bucks sounds like good value for money :P

jimmy3000 said...

Do they have waffle house up here? I saw your waffle post after I posted my standard disinformation package. They have waffle houses all down de south, do they serve waffle? Some Indians used waffle as currency and later punch cards for primitive computing machines to simulate a mass detonation of buffalo pudding.

'Let my people go-go' Rob Moses also wanted to build a bridge to CT over my neighborhood but the Anglo Saxophones of the Mayflower and the Thurston Howell "I'll show you how to make a Rob Roy!" Kick-Death squad drove him out of Gatsbyville.
That's why the Seaford/Oyster Bay suddenly ends in Seaford otherwise you drive into a pile of industrial water buckets ala Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise.

bastard central said...

i saw many a waffle house on walkabout towards arizona. we took the southern route to save wear and tear on the mighty blue ride of the lowe's. we were coming up on the south carolina/georgia border and wanted to sleep. so to guarantee sleep we got weapons grade waffles at 1am and let me tell you, there are some desperate characters in the waffle house at 1 am.

i never knew that aboot the seaford oyster bay. the one i dig on is for every tight turn on the interborough expressway (cypress hill cemetary) is a plot that wouldn't sell to moses. the clearview expressway suddnely ends at hillside avenue because the polish in queens village refused to sell their homes to him. the list goes on and on. i get the feeling that we're spoiling mo's reading with all of this

mofo said...

Ever see me waiting for the N24, that's when it got violent.

bigbromofo said...

Actually mr3000

the money stopped the road in woodbury because the bridge to CT would have went through speak softly but carry a big stick's house along with centre island and bayville. there is too much money on the gold coast. that money kept the LIE in the dark at death alley exits 39 to 40 and made the northern state make a few southernly turns at 31 and at 38-40. i do not remember the seaford issue but it probably had the same reasons, waspish money keep out the proliteriat issues.


i do not think the cypress hills thing was a RM issue. that road was there along with the plots for a long time, but i could be wrong. the clearview wasnt the polish as much as the judicial people that had nelson rock's ear in the 60's. that road would have went down hollis court boulevrad /212 to hempstead and road side saddle to CIP until hooking up with that lonely stretch of brookville boulevard that was not on the map except for the shanty that sold hubcaps and cut through the chosen ones area of five towns (another group that had the ears of most govt offciials) and connected to the atlantic beach bridge were more chosen ones live. his idea was to keep the minorities and poor whites in SE queens trapped by various highways with no MTA so that they would not move north. henceforth your previuos blog of QV north would not have occured and all of the whiteys above spencer avenue would still be in QV not oakland gardens or hollis hills or bayside, etc.

dub plat moses

bastard central said...

apparently the dub is getting his dog eared copy of the power broker on

bigbromofo said...

it is not dog eared it is memory

dub plat