Thursday, November 03, 2005

the bastard is sooooooooo sick

...or on swallowing ground up glass

the bastard hasn't had it in him to write lately, and one could figure it's the mental place he's in but i disagree. it's the physical state he's in. on sunday night the bastard felt what felt like a cold with all of the trappings of tonsilitis. took some nyquil. on monday night he had the shakes. not just any shakes, heroin junky uncontrollable shakes. so i took the nyquil. well apparently the Q wore off early and i woke up every hour on the hour from 3am on. on tuesday he did the same and Q wore off at 1 am and he tossed and turned until he had to make the sick call. turns out that bastard has strep. can you belive that? i haven't had strep since the fifth grade, how irritating. so now here the bastard is, enjoying this magical feeling for the next few days. oh well. i better spray the keyboard with lysol before someone else gets the magic.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

feel better--ya bastid


bastard central said...

i try