Thursday, November 03, 2005

the quicker it hits ya

...or the bastard redeclares his great love of alt rock, and how he won...for a change

so the bastard is tucking into his research for his yearly re-inventing of the wheel, i tunes on the randomizer and "closer you are" comes on. now we've been down this road before but the bastard has to declare yet again that rock may well have died after guided by voices broke up.

on a better note scoop called me up in my sick bed yesterday morning to inform me that we won the gold medal for the folio magazine award for recreation/sports magazines in the B2B category. you wanna find out what magazine that is, get off your ass and do the research yourself shiteyes. anyway i thought she was kidding me. you see scoop, is the kind of co-worker who likes the low key joke. she sends you an e-mail and the bastard responds with his usual vitriol for the production whatchamacallit who screwed up and then she runs over to tell me i hit reply all to gauge my reaction. ahhhhh kids. anyway, she wasn't kidding. so now the bastard can move off the grid with his head held high knowing that not only can my skills win an award but not every magazine contest is as dishonest as figure skating. sleep soundly kids. the world ain't all that dishonest and the bastard shed a tear for it. recognition at last. whod've thought the bastard was that needy? later for that jerkface.

—the bastard

PS: now spectral mornings by cornershop is playing. most underrated band of hindu rockers ever.


mofo said...

Rock actually died in 1973 when everyone realized they couldn't do what Led Zeppelin accomplished one night at Madison Square Garden. Guided just dug up the corpse and gussied it up for a while, it is a shame they too, have passed.

bastard central said...

i haven't looked at zeppelin as the alpha and omega for a long time mo. they simply were a bunch of guys thta could lift the blues extremely well and knew a hell of alot about showmanship.


bigbromofo said...

but wait i thought the music died in 1959, amereican mofo pie. when did you start realizing teh greatness of the lead balloon?

dub plat