Friday, November 04, 2005

this is precisely what the bastard feared would happen one day

...or on the chickens coming home

once upon a time, the bastard was watching a show on the history of terrorism and it focussed with mostly in context to the rise of islamic terror. apparently the algerian liberation front inflicted much terror upon de gaulle's france until they said uncle and algeria was liberated from french rule. as a side note yasser arafat briefly moved to algeria before starting the plo but, that's neither here nor there at the moment. my main point was to go with a recommended course of action from robbo which was to query as to how is it that chi chi france has riots over two dead youth who were electrocuted fleeing a soccer game to avoid police (why they are avoiding police is the question the bastard begs) while chicago had nary an incident over winning the world series. but upon closer examination, i figured that there wasn't too much humor in that sort of comparison. so, i'm going with a quick glean over the problem.

you see, france, particularly paris has an immigration problem. over the last 50 years parisians have had an influx of north african muslims before and since the liberation of algeria because quite like another country i live in, they didn't want to do the dirtier jobs thenselves. and that's ok if you want to run your country that way but the twist comes here. these people weren't being assimilated into french society. they were moving into the suburbs and forgotten. the suburbs have turned into virtual mini islamic republics complete with some area totally following the code of sharia. i don't know how accurate this is since all i do is read this stuff off the wire. but either way, a large immigrant population that doesn't get heavily regulated suddenly rises up in an organized fashion gives me the feeling that they should have addressed this problem before it became 15 million people nationwide. then again this might be a problem that can be addressed in other places that i live that have several million people living illegally. but then again, i think we try that here. but what the hell does the bastard know, it's 1:30 in the morning and i can't get to sleep because i actually had caffeine for the first time since getting sick. stupid caffeine be less wakey. i think i'll read that second little prince book in which he dies at the end to fall asleep to. no wait, he died in the first book. so silly. i think a little bit of me just died. ouchie

—the bastard

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