Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ya' See, this is how the pros do business

Yeah, Wilma's coming. She looks like she'll be running a bit south of the old joint but I should see some tropical winds and a boatload of rain, but as worrisome the prospect is of the power going out, and maybe not working for a few days (which means not getting paid) I'm not fretting. You see, down here in Purgatory we know how to work these things. Evacuations, the Keys broke north days ago, and Naples (about 50 miles south) took a powder as well. Plus those evacuations were predicated on the proximity to the gulf, not a factor for me, I live 15 feet above sea level, it would take a cat 5 to make me shit my pants about flooding. Water and food, done Wednesday morn, along with gas, got a full tank in the work van and a enough in the ole' Celica to get me to Jacksonville if I really needed to, but I won't. Plywood is up from last year on Nemo's 19 year old abode, and I live in a duplex built after '92's Hurricane Andrew, so it can withstand 160 mph winds, and this bitch Wilma isn't getting there by a damned sight.

Big Bad Jeb rocked the mic today to let everyone know that he's got blackhawk helicopters ready for any rescue manuevers needed, and that he already has stations at the ready with food and water. He also assured the state that there is millions of gas sitting at various ports in the state so there shouldn't be widespread panic after the storm. Jeb finished by adding that this was not counting what FEMA had to offer, then when he was done he broke it down en espanol ese--no interpreter needed, holmes, and that was impressive. See, we rock hurricanes bilingually down here motherfucker. Here in purgatory we basically have hurricanes locked down to a science. The country could take a lesson.

Years from now when Jeb Bush retires from public life I'd like to be his agent. I would advise him to write a book on how to run a state before, during and after a hurricane because if nothing else, he does this better than anyone. Odelay Jeb!

I'll see you on the other side.



bigbromofo said...


i hate to burst the hurricane bubble but the storm surge is possibly 17'. if you are at 15' above sea level you might be caught a few feet short. i'm sure that you miss the friendly confines of qv being 100+ above sea level.

big bromofo

bastard central said...

¿esta susana en el baño?

mofo said...

I'm no where close enough to water to be effected by storm surge, it's the beauty of where I live, close enough to the beach to enjoy easily, far away enough to avoid it's wrath.

Yo no se quien esta susanna, pero, el yo-yo es muy grande.

bigbromofo said...

who is susana?

bastard central said...

diga me....dieselwork?