Friday, October 07, 2005

you say it's your birthday....'s my birthday too.

no it isn't the bastard's birthday. it is left hand rob's but since i did sing him this little ditty he called me a "birthday stealing bastard" which now puts birthday stealing on his list of skills (along with scowl and invisibility) happy birthday rob, ya commy!

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

And happy birthday to you, too -- you birthday stealin' bastid!

bastard central said...

i'll smack you in the mouth, i'm neil diamond. that's right i have the power to turn into neil diamond as well. just do the best that you can.

—i can turn invisible if i try real hard

bigbromofo said...

gypsy craclikng rose? or i am i cried? maybe kentucky woman or dare i say sweeeeeeeeeeeet caroline wah wah wah

dub plat black diamond

bastard central said...

just do the best that you can

bigbromofo said...

wait i do tom jones too