Thursday, November 10, 2005

the bastard has a song for jean-marie

the bastard first became very aware of the the rest of the world when he discovered he could read something other than the new york times online. at that, he became interested in foreign politics. at that, the bastard discovered a man named jean-marie le pen. le pen, was france's conservative leader who ran against chirac in the last election that led parisians to go out and trump rural france to make sure this man didn't become prime minister of france.

you see conservatives over there are more like the kind of conservative the bastard likes, all the tight purse strings with none of the religion in the politics. anyway, le pen was demonized for his politics because he wanted to fix the growing immigration problem that has come home to roost in recent weeks. he was called a nazi and any other name in the book to equate him with hitler. it was easy and he lost. as a quick side note the bastard remembered another european conservative that was hard to demonize mostly because he was gay was pim fortuyn. now two years after his murder, the netherlands has deportation centers and they are addressing their illegal problem. that really gained speed after theo van gogh got murdered on the street.

anyway, le pen was out there recently saying that this is only the start of things. this coming from a man that said that the EU would eventually fail saying that there is no way the rich old cultures of old europe couldn't possibly unite under one flag. either way, it's easy to armchair quarterback it when you ain't in charge, the bastard has been doing it for years. but if jean-marie turns out to be right on the first point, well then he's right. i think he's right. but if he's right about the other point, well then he's should be made king of all armchair quarterbacks and he should replace al michaels on monday night foosball. foosball IS the devil you know.

—le bastard

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