Thursday, November 10, 2005

the value of being a bastard

got this one from the snow man. snow man is the prince of all gear here at the magazine and one of the few edit people i dropped the url on. he in turn sent me this little gem. apparently, even though i come up first on google for the phrase search "being a bastard", and number 4 for the phrase search for "shiteyes" (which might be more than warren ellis has used it but who's to tell) my blog address is only worth $1,693.62. you know what, i think the bastard is gonna hold out for something better, shiteyes. whoops i might be number 3 now.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

that is all its worth. you probably put that much money into the old graf business with ernst and himmler. i will sell short when it hits 1500.

bastard central said...

who's the bastard now dub?