Sunday, November 13, 2005

never talk to strangers

so the bastard goes to the park with the boy for some play time and the boy finds some kids to run around with leaving me to watch the scooter. it's all good, goves the bastard time to think and some much needed fresh air. anyway, the boy is playing with this kid and the kid starts chatting to me as if he was gavin from kids in the hall. we talk and then the boy asks him his name to which he responds, "nobody". so the boy starts after him and evertime he wants his attention, he says, "hey nobody". can't make this stuff up.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

at least nobody wasnt the chicken lady or QEII.

big bro mofo in the hall

bastard central said...

bucaw! it's 6:30! it's 6:30. time to masturbate. bucaw!

mofo said...

so yer painting a chair eh?

bastard central said...

these kids at school.....smoke.

yeah and they tought a dog to beg for cigarettes. those kids sure do smoke